Instructor: Gaurav Sharma, Assistant Professor, CSE, IITK
Contact: grv AT ([CS698U] in email subject; o/w ignored)
Lectures: Mon and Wed, 17h00–18h30
Office hours: By appointment on email
TAs: Aishwarya Gupta (aish), Ayushman Singh Sisodiya (ayushmn), Gundeep Arora (gundeep), Pawan Kuman (kpawan)
TA emails:


The course will make the students familiar with basics of learning-based as well as geometric computer vision. The list of possible topics will be

  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Autoencoders
  • Camera calibration
  • Epipolar geometry
  • 3D reconstruction

This list will evolve based on the level of students enrolled and their interests. For each of the topics we will start with the basics, touch upon some current applications and then you would be expected to work on an assignment which would have a strong programming component. The course is expected to give you a good foundation if you would like to work on Computer Vision in the future either in academic or industrial research and development.

Department's anti-cheating policy is applicable on your participation in the course.


  • Assignments 40%
  • Quizes 20%
  • Mid-sem 15%
  • End-sem 25%


  • Assignment 1 released; deadline is 31 Jan, Tue, 23h59
  • Assignment 2 (task) released; deadline is 12 Feb, Sun, 23h59
  • Assignment 3 released; deadline is 9 Mar 22 Mar, Wed, 16h00
  • Assignment 4 released; deadline is 16 Apr 19 Apr, Wed, 23h59


Please use the IITK CSE moodle website for submitting the assignments. The time stamp of the moodle upload will be considered your submission time.
Any submission by mail will not be considered.

  1. Assignment 1: Implement a Multi Layer Perceptron classifier for handwritten digit classification. The PDF of the problem statement has been circulated and put on Moodle as well. Submission deadline is 31 Jan, Tue, 23h59
  2. Assignment 3: Implement a LeNet-5; details sent via mailing list and put on Moodle. Submission deadline is 22 Mar, Wed, 16h00
  3. Assignment 4: Remove perspective distortion using DLT and Panorama stitching using robust Homography estimation. Submission deadline is 19 Apr, Wed, 11h59

Late Submission Policy

You have a total of 4 late days without penalty, i.e. you could be late by 4 days for A1 or 3 for A1 and 1 for A2 and so on.

Course Calendar

All deadlines below are at 23:59 IST of the respective dates.
The course material (slides etc.) are freely usable for educational and non-commercial research purpose, with due attribution. The material is avialable as is without any warranty, expressed or implied, whatsoever. Any commercial use requires prior written permission from the author. If you are the owner of any of the content included (eg. images), and feel that it has been unfairly used, kindly let me know and I will either attribute it to you as you specify or take it off, depending on your request.

# Date Content Remarks/Deadlines
1 9 Jan 2016 Introduction slides
2 16 Jan 2016 CNNs, Backpropagation CNN tutorial (first draft), slides
3 18 Jan 2016 CNN architectures slides
4 23 Jan 2016 Training (C)NNs (on board)
5 25 Jan 2016 Grad. descent 1, Object detection slides
6 30 Jan 2016 Grad. descent 2, Object detection slides
31 Jan 2016 Assignment 1 due
7 1 Feb 2016 Object detection, RNN slides
8 6 Feb 2016 RNN, LSTM slides
9 8 Feb 2016 Doubts, Training CNN slides
12 Feb 2016 Assignment 2 due
i. 13 Feb 2016 Technical Session -
10 15 Feb 2016 Recap, Metric Learning (ML) slides
11 20 Feb 2016 ML, Unsupervised representations slides
12 22 Feb 2016 Unsupervised repr., Autoencoders slides
- 27 Feb 2016 Mid-sem exam
- 1 Mar 2016 Mid-sem exam
ii. 6 Mar 2016 Mid-sem exam discussion
- 13 Mar 2016 Mid-sem recess
- 15 Mar 2016 Mid-sem recess
22 Mar 2016 Assignment 3 due; 16h00
13 22 Mar 2016 Recap of Learning based CV Ref. slides above
14 27 Mar 2016 Projective geometry, Pinhole camera slides
15 29 Mar 2016 Planar transformations slides
16 3 Apr 2016 Homography estimation slides
17 5 Apr 2016 Projective camera slides
18 10 Apr 2016 Single view geometry slides
19 12 Apr 2016 Epipolar geometry slides
20 17 Apr 2016 Fundamental matrix and 3D reconstruction slides
21 19 Apr 2016 3D reconstruction and conclusions slides
19 Apr 2016 Assignment 4 due

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